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Bamboo Processing

L.A.R. Accessori produces bamboo articles and objects with fine workmanship. In particular, we create bamboo details and accessories for fashion companies, furniture, jewellery and design branches. Our products are designed to meet the most demanding aesthetic and quality requests, with the refinement and reliability that have always represented our standards. The experience in bamboo processing branch and the training of highly qualified personnel allow us to satisfy any customers’ request with particular precision and expertise.

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Bamboo accessories production

L.A.R. Accessori was one of the first companies to work bamboo in Italy and to learn the secrets of such exclusive material.

Since 1990 our research in this field, still not well-known in fashion accessories branch, has led to the development of a specialized department. Today L.A.R. Accessori is a top- level company in the creation of bamboo root accessories. Our continuous research and development ensure the most elegant and resistant results for our customers.

Craftsmanship, technology and customer care: the three LAR cornerstones

With its unique characteristics of lightness, flexibility and strength, bamboo is an excellent plant to be transformed into fine details. However, it requires a deep knowledge of its peculiar qualities and careful processing techniques. This is why we have based our production on the indissoluble union between craftsmanship and technology.

Beside machinery innovation and dedicated equipment, we have refined our know-how with research and experience. Creativity and curiosity have always pushed us towards new goals, today we are at your service to turn your ideas into exclusive items.

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