L.A.R. Accessori

Tuscan handicraft
from 1975

L.A.R. Accessori is specialized in the production of gift items and high quality fashion accessories. Our story begins in 1975, thanks to dedication and talent of three Tuscan artisans.

Our tradition finds its roots in local territory, transmitted from father to son with its own techniques and secrets. The passion of the founders has built up a blooming workshop, initially reserved to metals processing only.

Thanks to creativity and excellence in workmanship, the company has expanded over the years up to current dimensions. At the same time, the production know-how has been enriched with new goals and skills, and extended to alternative natural materials. In addition to metals, both precious and not, L.A.R. Accessori is able to work bamboo, horn and precious woods. Accuracy and craftsmanship have remained unchanged, supported by new techniques and high precision tools.

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Diamo forma alle idee

Design and excellence at your service

Today L.A.R. Accessori is an important point of reference in fashion accessories and gift items branch. Through the precious acquired experience, the new generation was able to give new life to the company with constant research and dedication at the same time. The technological implementation and the contribution of innovative ideas have met professionalism and excellence values that have always been pursued. Our mission is to help customers to achieve their aims and to guarantee their satisfaction. A philosophy that has led us to collaborate with prestigious fashion brands and exclusive companies in clothing, leather goods, footwear and design objects. With care and attention to customers’ requests, we are able to transform simple ideas into tangible realities. We also offer support and advice during design phase, when requested.

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